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In the 1870’s the gold-rich quartz reefs around Reefton began to be opened up, and many small satellite towns sprung up, among them the substantial Waiuta. Established in 1906 after gold was discovered in 1905, the Waiuta underground mine sunk to 879m, 300m below sea level. A company town, Waiuta boasted many recreational facilities including a recreation ground with tennis and netball courts, a whippet track, bowling green and skating rink, a billiard saloon and pigeon racing and gun clubs. The town had a Miner's Hall, school, hospital, various stores, Post Office, two churches, a hotel and a staff club. The continuity of employment ensured a reasonably stable population, climbing to 604 in 1936. However when the mine closed due to a cave-in in 1951, the town didn't last much longer, with the population in 1956 only 11. Today one house is occupied on the road leading into Waiuta, but the main town site is a DOC owned historic site, with the few remaining houses slowly decaying and information boards telling us where other buildings once stood. For more information visit the Friends of Waiuta website. 021.jpg
Waiuta, December 2011 001_Waiuta.jpg
Waiuta bowling green, January 2013 019.jpg
Waiuta Bowling Club, December 2011 001_Waiuta SM.jpg
Bowling Club, Waiuta, January 2013 020c 001 SM.jpg
Bowling Club foundations, Waiuta, December 2011 001_Waiuta SM.jpg
Recreation Ground, Waiuta, January 2013 001_Waiuta SM.jpg
Middle Track, Waiuta, January 2013 007 SM.jpg
Swimming pool, Waiuta, December 2011 001_Waiuta crop.jpg
Swimming pool, Waiuta, January 2013 029.jpg
Remains of private residence, Waiuta, December 2011 025b SM2.jpg
Former residence of Joseph Divis, photographer and miner, Waiuta, December 2011 032d.jpg
‘Gill Cottage’ (abandoned), Waiuta, December 2011 036_spotted -needs checking.jpg
Interior ‘Gill Cottage’, Waiuta, December 2011 043_Spotted_.jpg
Interior ‘Gill Cottage’, Waiuta, December 2011 037.jpg
Interior ‘Gill Cottage’, Waiuta, December 2011 039_spotted_.jpg
Interior ‘Gill Cottage’, Waiuta, December 2011 042.jpg
Interior ‘Gill Cottage’, Waiuta, December 2011 001_Waiuta.jpg
Remains of private residence, Waiuta, June 2013
Interior Dentist, Waiuta, January 2013 014.jpg
Waiuta mine, December 2011 010.jpg
Waiuta mine, December 2011 016.jpg
Waiuta mine, December 2011